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Understanding American Culture – Why Do Americans Act That Way?

When we move to another country, we experience many situations that may seem strange to us. Sometimes we even label people as “rude” or “impolite” because their behavior is outside of our own beliefs concerning what’s right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate.

In this workshop, we will take a closer look at culture and the underlying values that govern people’s behavior. By the end of this workshop, you will have a better understanding and awareness of your own cultural values as well as American cultural values. This knowledge will help improve your interpersonal relationships and give you a better understanding of the American society and workplace.


Clarifying Your Skills

Do you know what your “transferrable” skills are? Are you able to talk about your experience and show your strengths to a potential employer? Knowing your skills and talking about them with self-confidence is important for networking, writing resumes and interviewing for a paid or volunteer job. In this workshop, we will:

  • Discuss the 3 types of skills
  • Identify and prioritize your transferrable skills using Skillscan™, a well-known career coaching tool
  • Learn how to discuss your strengths and accomplishments

This workshop will be fun and interactive. You will leave the workshop feeling more confident in your ability to talk about and “sell” yourself.


Tooting Your Own Horn

In America, the ability to “toot your own horn,” or to sell yourself, is an important skill whether you are looking for volunteer work, a paid job, or just answering the question “What do you do?”

In this workshop, we will discuss the cultural values and differences as well as fears related to selling yourself. You will have the opportunity to practice the art of self-promotion. By the end of this workshop, you will have the skills and ability to talk about yourself with confidence in any situation.


How to Find Meaningful Volunteer Work

Are you interested in finding a volunteer job? This workshop will give you all the information you need to clarify the type of job you want and to search for opportunities! In this workshop, you will:

  • Identify your interests and skills
  • Find out about possible areas for volunteering
  • Learn how to research and apply for potential jobs
  • Learn how volunteering can provide long-term benefits

By the end of this interactive workshop, you will be ready to go out and find your ideal volunteer job!


How to Write an American-Style Resume and Cover Letter

Are you wondering if your resume looks “American?” Translating your resume from your native language into English isn’t enough to make it look the way American resumes look. In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What American employers look for in a resume and cover letter
  • The components of an American resume and cover letter
  • How to emphasize your skills and accomplishments
  • Resume formats and organization of information
  • How to address special problems, such as gaps on a resume
  • Strategies for making sure your resume gets to the right person

This interactive workshop will consist of exercises and resume samples to help you write your own, great resume!

  • Optional: Individual resume review can be arranged separately with the instructor for an additional fee.


Networking the American Way

In the United States, roughly 80% of all jobs are found through networking, yet most people do not know how to network effectively. In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn the skills to network yourself into your next volunteer or paid job. This includes:

  • How to meet people and develop a professional network
  • Networking etiquette
  • Developing and practicing an “Elevator Speech”
  • Setting up and conducting informational interviews
  • Using online networking sites

By the end of this workshop, you will feel more confident in your ability to reach out to people and grow your professional network.


Interviewing for a Job the American Way

If you are from another country and are looking for work in the United States, you’ll want to know what to expect in an American interview and how to best prepare for it. This workshop will provide you with information in the following areas:

  • What American Employers Really Look For in Job Candidates
  • Interview Preparation and Process
  • Identifying and Emphasizing Your Competencies
  • Answering Difficult Interview Questions
  • Types of Interviews and Formats
  • Illegal Questions
  • Salary Negotiation

This workshop will be fun and interactive, and you will receive lots of practice. You will leave the workshop feeling more confident in your ability to interview for any job.


Practice Your Interviewing Skills

One of the best ways to get good at interviewing is to practice! In this session, you will have the opportunity to practice your interviewing skills in a “mock interview” and receive feedback on your answers. You will also be interviewing other people and giving feedback. Together, these practices will help you improve your technique so that when you are interviewed for the job you really want, you’ll be ready!

Note: This class is only open to people who have taken the workshop on “Interviewing for a Job the American Way.”

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