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With over 25 years professional experience as a career coach and trainer, I have supported people from all over the world and from all walks of life with their career and life transitions. Through my experience living and working abroad, ability to converse in several languages, and intercultural work, I am uniquely suited to helping people from other countries, as well as the USA, create fulfilling lives in America.

One of my specialties is supporting international accompanying spouses and partners at universities and in the corporate world. Recently, I made a short documentary that explores the experiences that people have when they leave their home countries and relocate to a new country to follow their loved ones. Six people share their challenges and how they rebuilt their lives in the USA.

Aside from coaching individuals, I present workshops and webinars on a variety of career and intercultural topics. I have been a featured speaker for organizations ranging from community non-profits and schools to major universities and national conferences. I have worked as a consultant training career coaching staff at new career centers in Morocco.  Look around my web site and contact me to find out how I can help you!

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go out and do that.
Because what the world needs more
 than anything is people who have come alive.” – Harold Whitman


Intercultural Transitions: Moving to a new country is a big transition that can be exciting but also very challenging, especially for the accompanying spouse or partner of a relocating employee or student. While the relocated individual has the opportunity to build a new community through their close contact with coworkers, bosses or fellow students, the accompanying spouse or partner often receives little or no support. From my own experience living and working abroad, and my work at UC Berkeley with spouses who have relocated from nearly 40 different countries, I understand the challenges and needs you may be facing. more…

Career Coaching: Are you considering a career change, seeking better work/life balance, or planning to re-enter the work force after taking time off? I have helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life with these issues. Utilizing a variety of career assessments and guided exploration, we will work together on finding you your ideal job. more…

Internship and Career Coaching for College Students: As a former college career counselor and internship program director, I enjoy helping motivated students learn about themselves and the world of work. If you are a student, I’d love to help you find an internship or decide on a career path. I also can teach you how to present and sell yourself to future employers by helping you craft a resume or cover letter and learn the art of interviewing.

Programs For Mothers: I founded Mothers in Balance® in order to support mothers taking time off from work to raise children and to help mothers re-entering to the workforce. I offer workshops, support groups, and individual career coaching for mothers. more…

Groups, Classes and Speaking Engagements: I offer a variety of workshops and classes such as Creating a Fulfilling Life in America®, Crayons to Careers®, Nurturing the Couple Relationship, and Rediscovering Yourself in the Midst of Motherhood®. I am also available for speaking to your organization. I have conducted highly successful presentations and classes everywhere from top universities to mothers’ clubs. more…


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